Upcoming stuff!

Faithful readers, obviously I’m not able to get another review together within a reasonable time but I wanted to let you know about some things that will be coming up.

Patrick Melrose SeriesFor starters, I scored some last minute tickets to the Edward St Aubyn event at the Wheeler Centre next week. I’m excited to read some of his highly regarded work, it’s always nice to have an extra reason to read something that’s been on the list for a while… That is, until I found out he’d be talking about the Patrick Melrose series OF WHICH I HAVE READ NOTHING. In my endless quest to avoid spoilers (seriously I can’t tell you how unreasonably I hate spoilers) I have decided to attempt to read the five books in seven days. More on that after the session next week.

Another exciting event is my favourite book prize of the year, The Morning News’ Tournament of Books. In a wonderfully demystified judging process, sixteen fiction titles fight it out for the rooster! Every weekday two books go head to head and a judge tells you exactly what he or she liked and disliked about each one. The winner goes on to the next round to continue the battle. Then there’s the competition commentators (always a highlight) and thoughts from the audience. And a zombie round where eliminated reader favourites rise from the dead! And a whole judging panel vote to decide the winner! Seriously the best book prize ever. Come March my brother Steven will be joining me on this blog to follow the tournament. I guarantee sibling squabbling and snark but also that he is funnier than me.

Then there’s the great Stella longlist out this week (check it our here) so I’m sure some of those titles will be making an appearance.

Lots to look forward to! But for now I’m off to read as fast as I can…


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