A Farewell to Arms in Milan

First overseas blog post wooo!

I am reading A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway because it’s really hard and relatively expensive to get translated books by Italian writers on the Kindle. Speaking of which: I do not like my Kindle. There isn’t much in particular I can point to other than that it’s not a book, but I just don’t like it because it doesn’t feel the same as reading a book.

But I am enjoying A Farewell to Arms. I really like Hemingway’s simple writing, the plain descriptions of what’s going on around Lieutenant Frederic Henry that let’s the people and the country speak for itself. There’s no great emotional insight, just what you can make of it yourself.

And I was very pleasantly surprised when (very slight spoiler) Henry is injured and sent to recover in Milan. I’m in Milan! We’re like twins. But here the lack of description kind of worked against me because it mentions some landmarks and not much else. It doesn’t help that Henry is wrapped up in his love affair with a nurse at the hospital and self-admittedly doesn’t pay that much attention to anything else in the city.

Check out this classy picture my husband took!

Seriously, Henry, the Duomo! It is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, awesome in the actual sense of the word, and he just mentions it as ‘the church’ while passing it by. Let me see if I can attach a photo to show you why that’s not fair. Actually the photos don’t do it justice. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever ever seen. Looking at it just makes you marvel.

I’m really loving Milan. Sure it’s kind of dirty and really confusing (bearing in mind that I have no sense of direction) but it feels like a real city with people going around actually doing things. The city centre is full of gorgeous architecture and even though people don’t seem to smile they’ve all been really nice and helpful whenever we’ve needed something. And the food! Aah I’m going to get so fat.

But now we’re leaving which is fitting given that Frederic Henry is off to somewhere else too. I’m about halfway through so I’ll probably post again when I finish. Meanwhile it’s off to Venice for me!


One thought on “A Farewell to Arms in Milan

  1. FAY!!!! I didn’t get to say a proper good bye. But I thoroughly enjoyed your post and hope you keep them coming! Sounds like it has been great so far, I’m looking forward to hearing more. šŸ™‚

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